Currently in Tennessee instead of my home base in Texas, and in order to survive my family, my plan is simply to never be sober until Tuesday. So far today:

  • Dad packed his walkie-talkie radio that’s been tuned to trucker frequencies so that he can intercept Spanish-speaking truckers to demand that they speak English at all times and also question the legitimacy of their citizenship.
  • Mentions of the War on Christmas and the oppression of the majority so far today: 3
  • Rich white people discussing what makes something ACTUALLY racist: 2
  • "Faggot:" 2
  • "Nigger:" 1
  • Grandma asking when I’m going to get a nice boyfriend already and aren’t there ANY boys at school that I find at least a little bit cute please sweetie I want to see you have a boyfriend before I die: 1
  • Dad, realizing that there are no brown people to harass, turning his condescension and ire towards everything I do, whether it is unpacking the van or helping with dinner, because I am Not Doing It Right (there is no way to do it right:) check


I guess consider this my Festivus Airing of¬†Grievances, even if they’re not to the right people. And also it’s technically a day late. Fuck it, it’s the 23rd on the west coast still. There is only so much gentle correction I can attempt before I just sequester myself off to the entertainment room with a bottle of rum and vodka in each hand.

Whatever holiday you choose to celebrate this season (or none at all,) I hope everyone has a good time this season. I know I’m going to try to, against all odds!!!

  1. calcatrixcrownd said: With a family like that, who needs a liver? D:
  2. hollowlaughter said: Your father sounds like my mother. I eventually just couldn’t do it anymore. My hat’s off to you.
  3. lackadaisicalpianist said: ohhhhhmygod. I am so sorry, that sounds horrendous. *positive love vibes from complete stranger*
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    oh pets your face i’m in tennessee hi come party with me even though my family is the exact same
  5. spookysage said: lghladhgflasdh godspeed may your liquor be quicker
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