I restarted my Pokemon Black game to do a Nuzlocke run on it with Dragon Ball Z dub rules which is a thing I made up on the fly, which has two slight rule alterations:

  1. Pokemon who faint do not die, they get “sent to another dimension,” aka stuck in a box
  2. Once I beat the game, I get to reunite with all of my fallen bros, but not before

Obviously, the most natural way to chronicle my adventure is not by doing comics, but gijinkas!! It’s worth noting that this started on a road trip, so everyone is just named after road signs that we happened to pass when I acquired them. From left to right, we have Terreno (Tepig/Adamant/”Likes to thrash about,”) Perdue (Patrat/Careful/”Scatters things often,”) Loya (Purrloin/Docile/”Somewhat vain,)” and Citrus (Pansage/Modest/”Good perseverance.”)

No fun stories yet other than Perdue has the shittiest stats I have ever seen in my life and I’m pretty sure his “scatters things often” refers to his own teeth and viscous fluids. He did manage to beat Cress’s Lillipup using bide with one HP left, so I can’t say I hate the guy.

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